Turkesterone 40% HPLC

The Science Behind Turkesterone

Turkesterone 2 Week Review/Log


The supplement industry has proven to a multi-billion dollar industry year after year. With staggering numbers like that the need for physical and mental improvement, throughout the masses, has become obvious.

With so much money going in how many times can you remember a supplement that really broke out as effective to anyone who used it? Not only that, but was effective at the dosage the label on the bottle advised? Let's see here, there's "Androstenedione" and Ephedra which went on to be banned and therefore making it a felony to possess either supplement. The only supplement I can think of off the top of my head that is legal, worked, and created a buzz around the industry is creatine.

With creatine over a decade old, and many exercise buffs looking for another breakthrough supplement. That supplement has FINALLY arrived in the form of Turkesterone.

Turkesterone is the strongest of the naturally occurring ecdysteroids that have been clinically proven to stimulate many non-hormonal anabolic, and ergogenic activities in mammals. At first many scientists thought of Turkesterone as an insect hormone that promoted molting. Research over the past few decades show that ecdysteroids should be considered a new class of sterol-based essential vitamins!