Turkesterone 40% HPLC

The Science Behind Turkesterone

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Scientifically Known As:
11,20-dihydroxyecdysone; 2,3,11,14,20,22,25-heptahydroxycholestenone; (2 beta,3 beta,5 beta,11 alpha,22R)-2,3,11,14,20,22,25-heptahydroxycholest-7-en-6-one

The first thing that you need to understand, & it is something all scientists understand is “observation”. Observation is the foundation of all known science. In other words, it’s your own eyes that identify scientific breakthroughs than all the test tubes & labs in the world.

Not surprisingly, the anabolic agent you are about to discover was the product of “observation” back in the 1940’s by Soviet scientists who studied deer in the Siberian wilderness. They noticed that baby deer were attracted to eating one specific herb called the Leuzea (Rhaponticum) more than all the other herbs and plants.

These baby deer were highly vulnerable to predators, such as Siberian Tigers and had to escape these predators to survive. The “observers” began noting that in this particular group of deer, they were EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL in evading predators. They then considered the possibility that something in this region of herbs made their muscles stronger and faster, and more agile!

It was from this very observation that Soviet scientists were able to discover athletic enhancing agents called ecdysterones!

In fact, in highly controlled studies done in the Soviet Union, scientists discovered that “ecdysterones” achieved muscle growth through the same method as prescription anabolic steroids (increased messenger Ribonucleic Acid activity) so this is potent (LEGAL) stuff… if you take enough!

Anyway, that’s been the “big beef” with this classification of non-hormonal anabolics… people don’t take enough because virtually every company who marketed and sold these compounds put ridiculously low doses of the ecdysterone in each pill, or powder!

The strongest of these ecdysterones is "Turkesterone". Turkesterone is 2000% stronger than beta-excdysterone which is the next strongest ecdysteroid. Turkesterone makes it MUCH EASIER to obtain the right amount of edysterone to achieve the desired results.

With turkesterone a 1 gram daily dosage is the equivalent of 20 GRAMS of beta-ecdysterone! Anyone who's taken the latter knows the costs involved in trying to maintain such an intake.

As of right now all signs are pointing to Turkesterone as the next BIG THING! The results, and testimonies are pouring in by the day. Be the first to get THAT EDGE in the gym!